Auto Repair Warranty in Santa Clarita Gives Vehicle Owners Peace of Mind

There is no reason to take chances when it comes to the maintenance and repair of your vehicle. Going to just any repair shop may leave your car with sub-par parts that simply continue to break and malfunction, costing you more money and time. However, when you visit PACC, the certified technicians are so confident in the work that they perform, on all vehicles, they offer a warranty of two years or 24,000 miles for all repair work that is completed; this far surpasses any competitor in the Santa Clarita area.

The majority of independent auto repair services only offer warranties for a period of 90 days, leaving you and your vehicle at risk if the work that is done is not up to par. Some of the reasons that you should visit PACC for your auto repair needs, other than the superior warranty they offer, includes:

Certified and Master Technicians

Each technician at PACC has the proper training and experience to ensure that your vehicle receives the proper part that is needed, and that the part is installed properly for optimum performance.

Quality Parts

Repairs completed at PACC are all quality parts and fluids that will meet, and in a majority of cases, exceed the original components that are used by manufacturers. The warranty that you receive from PACC will ensure that these quality parts are used each time our vehicle needs any type of repair or service.

Quality Diagnostic Work

There are some shops that will simply “guess” what the offending part is, without ensuring that it is truly the faulty component. This will usually force the vehicle owner to return to the shop for additional service. The technicians at PACC will not only provide diagnostic services that will pinpoint the exact issue, they back these repairs with a warranty that is not met by other service providers.

PACC offers better services, equipment and technicians than most any dealership. In addition to the superior warranty, you cannot beat the services that are offered by PACC.

23520 Valencia Blvd J
Santa Clarita, CA 91355

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